Products Range
Our exhaustive range of products covers a vast range of equipments to provide single point solution to the needs of every industry.

The various product categories are:
  1. Process Heating – Media - Steam, Thermic Oil, Hot Water, Hot air
  2. Food Processing machinery
  3. Dal and Rice (Paddy) Mill Driers
  4. Pollution Control Equipments
  5. Chemical Reaction Vessels, Evaporators, Condensers
  6. General Fabrication –Chimneys/Tanks/Calorifiers
All the fired equipments are available with multiple fuel options like,
  1. Liquid Fuels : - LDO/FO/LSHS.
  2. Solid Fuels : - COAL/WOOD/AGROWASTE.
  3. Gaseous Fuels : - NG/LPG.
Uni-therm Engineers have more than 1100 installations of its equipments all over India & abroad.

Uni-therm Engineers has a strong client base in all segments of industries like Plywood & lamination plants, MDF boards, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Terry Towel Units, Commercial Laundries, Coir Mattress Plants, Corrugation, Packaging, Rubber, steel plants, solvent extraction plants, Edible Oil Refineries, Dairies, Biscuit Manufacturing, canning & fruit juices, snacks & sweets manufacturing, etc.