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Process Heating > 4 PASS ECONOMICAL L.D.O. FIRED NON IBR STEAM BOILERS Capacitiess – 50 Kgs/Hr to 1250 Kgs/Hr

DESIGN: Oil/Gas/LPG fired Four pass Design UNITHERM’S Non IBR Design Boilers are most economical to use & pocket friendly for installation. The Unitherm fully automatic Non IBR Boilers comprise of machine wound, specially designed concentric helical coils placed inside a sturdy The system comprises of three distinct passes of the flue gases in the Boiler & the non-pressurised heat recovery unit with heat Optimiser constitutes the fourth pass, maximizing the efficiency.

Design available in all the fuel options & also with dual fuel Burner with a simple changeover switch.

A special, anti drip design, high efficiency, imported burner of Riello (Italy) make with low noise blower and fuel oil pump ensure almost smokeless and silent operation and reduces the downtime and maintenance problems greatly. Due to it’s unique design & efficient mixing of air & fuel, the combustion efficiency & hence the efficiency of the Boiler is also increased. The connected load is also much lower compared to any indigenous burner resulting in sizeable power savings.

The generously designed inner combustion chamber ensures large furnace volume and hence less heat load per unit volume, thereby increasing the life of the coil. The Safety controls and instrumentation provided ensure completely safe operation and provide Audio Visual alarm and cuts off the ignition system is case of abnormal operating conditions.

The Safety controls and instrumentations provided ensure completely safe operation and provide Audio Visual Alarm and cuts off the combustion in case of abnormal operating Conditions.
Product FeatureUser Benefit
Four Pass DesignHigh efficiency, Low fuel cost
Instant steamingIdeal for Intermittent operations also
Non IBR DesignLower Investment, No cost of IBR Approvals & yearly passing
Ready to use Packaged designFaster Installation & commissioning, no hidden costs
Minimum foot print areaLower floor space required
Easy access for maintenance & cleaningEase of operation & Maintenance
Coil made from 9 Gauge, 3.66 mm Boiler TubesLonger Coil life
Higher Heat transfer area per Lac Heat Output Ensures rated output
 Longer Coil life
Multiple safety featuresSafe & trouble free operation through the life of the Heater
OUTPUT F& A1000C KGS/HR 100 200 300 400 600 800 1000 1250
LDO CONSUMPTION KGS/HR 6 12 18 24 36 48 60 73

LDO Consumption in Kgs/Hr based on GCV of LDO 10500 Kcal/Kg

Sr. No. Safety Description Controlling Instruement Remarks Safety Interlock
1 Steam Pressure reaches HIGH set point Pressure Switch Normal Operation Boiler Cuts Off
2 Steam Pressure High Safety Valve Mechanical safety Valve Blows off
3 Flame Failure Photocell Normal Operation Purging & Restart*
4 Flame Monitoring Sequence Controller Normal Operation Purging & Restart*
5 Steam Temperature High Digital Temp Controler Abnormal Operation Burner Cut-off & Hooter
6 Stack Temperature High Digital Temp Controler Abnormal Operation Burner Cut-off & Hooter
7 Blower motor Overload MCB Abnormal Operation Burner Cut-off & Hooter
8 Pump motor Overload MCB Abnormal Operation Burner Cut-off & Hooter
9 No Water Flow Level Sensor Abnormal Operation Burner Cut-off & Hooter
10 Blow down Valve Open Limit Switch Abnormal Operation Burner Cut-off & Hooter
11 Excess pressure built up Spring Loaded safety Door Mechanical Safety Excess Gases Released
12 Excess Pump pressure Surge Supressor Mechanical Safety Releases Excess Pressure, prevents Damage