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1) 1. Oil/Gas/LPG fired Four pass Design
  • HWBP SERIES Pressurised / Non Pressurised oil / gas fired design 50,000 to 20lac Kcal/hr
  • Design

    The Unitherm fully automatic hot water generator is a unique twin coil design Non IBR hot water generator, which comprises of two concentric machine wound, specially designed helical coils placed inside a sturdy shell. The system comprises of three distinct passes of the flue gases in the hot water generator, maximizing the efficiency.

    A special, anti drip design, high efficiency, imported burner of Riello (Italy) make with low noise blower and fuel oil pump ensure almost smokeless and silent operation and reduces the downtime and maintenance problems greatly. Due to it's unique design & efficient mixing of air & fuel, the combustion efficiency & hence the efficiency of the T.F.Heater is also increased. The connected load is also much lower compared to any indigenous burner.

    The generously designed inner combustion chamber ensures large furnace volume and sizeable power savings.hence less heat load per unit volume, thereby increasing the life of the coil. The Safety controls and instrumentation provided ensure completely safe operation and provide Audio Visual alarm and cuts off the ignition system is case of abnormal operating conditions.

      Salient Features:

    • High Operating Efficiency
    • Fully Automatic Unit
    • Outside the perview of Indian Boiler Regulations
    • Easy Conversion to different liquid and gaseous fuels
    • Instant Heating, Temperature achieved in less than five minutes
    • Four pass design with High efficiency, lower fuel costs
    • Sturdy construction, Long Life
    • Higher heating surface ensures complete conversion of heat produced
    • Large Furnace volume to ensure complete combustion of fuel fired
    • No certified Boiler attendant required
    • Ready to use Packaged design, only service connections to be provided
    • Minimum foot print area and headroom requirement
    • Easy access for Inspection, maintenance & cleaning
    • Failsafe design. Equipped with complete set of safety devices

    Control Instrument And Safeties:

    • Fully automatic Operation
    • Digital temperature Indicator cum controller for on/off operation of the Burner
    • Low pressure switch to shut off the Burner in the event of low / no water flow in the coil
    • Light dependent resistor [flame sensor] to shut off the Burner in case of flame failure
    • Auto Oil drain system to prevent oil accumulation
    • Pressure release Door - To release excess flue gases, in case of excess oil accumulation
    • Pressure gauges with syphon & cock for pressure indication
    • Audio visual alarm for abnormal operating conditions

    Unitherm's Oil/Gas Fired & Specially designed, Electric Electrode -Hot Water Generators are available in wide range of capacities from 20,000 Kcals/hr - up to 20,00,000 Kcals/hr Operating Temperatures -Upto 900C.

    Pressurised Hot Water Generators available with Operating temperatures up to 1500C

    Unitherm's Hot Water Generators are available in liquid fuel firing with,

    • Diesel
    • L.D.O.
    • Furnace Oil
    • Natural gas
    • LPG firing
    • Dual fuel firing- oil cum Gas fired
    • Electric -Electrode Design
  • HWBCP SERIES Pressurised / Non Pressurised coal / wood / multi fuel design 50,000 to 20lac Kcal/hr