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    Oil/Gas/LPG fired Four Pass Design

The UNI-THERM'sNn IBR Boilers are manufactured as per latest engineering standards. The Unitherm NON IBR Boilers comprise of machine wound, specially designed helical coil placed inside a sturdy M.S. double jacketed shell. The system comprises of three passes of the flue gases in the Boiler & the non-pressurised heat recovery unit with heat optimiser constitutes the fourth pass, maximizing the efficiency.

Design available in all the fuel options & also with dual fuel Burner with a simple changeover switch.Highly efficient indigenous as well as imported Burner options available.

A special, anti drip design, high efficiency, imported burner of Riello (Italy) make with low noise blower and fuel oil pump ensure almost smokeless and silent operation and reduces the downtime and maintenance problems greatly. Due to it's unique design & efficient mixing of air & fuel, the combustion efficiency & hence the efficiency of the Boiler is also increased. The connected load is also much lower compared to any indigenous burner resulting in sizeable power savings.

The generously designed inner combustion chamber ensures large furnace volume and hence less heat load per unit volume, thereby increasing the life of the coil. The Safety controls and instrumentation provided ensure completely safe operation and provide Audio Visual alarm and cuts off the ignition system is case of abnormal operating conditions.

  • Outside the perview of Indian Boiler Regulations.
  • Substantially Lower Investment, compared to I.B.R. Boilers.
  • Instant steaming- full pressure of 14 Kg/Cm2 in less than five minutes.
  • Four pass design with High efficiency, lower fuel costs.
  • Non Pressurised Hot water pre-heater provided to minimize the flue gas losses.
  • Sturdy construction, Long Life.
  • Higher heating surface ensures complete conversion of heat produced.
  • Large Furnace volume to ensure complete combustion of fuel fired.
  • No certified Boiler attendant required.
  • Ready to use Packaged design, only service connections to be provided.
  • Minimum foot print area and headroom requirement.
  • Easy access for maintenance & cleaning.
  • Equipped with complete set of safety devices.

Control Instrument And  Safeties:

  • Fully automatic Operation.
  • Steam pressure switch for on/off operation of the Burner.
  • Level switch to shut off the Burner in the event of low / no water flow in the coil.
  • Temperature indicator cum controller with Burner interlock.
  • Limit switch on blow down valve with Burner interlock - To avoid overheating of coil due to no flow, in case Blow down remains open.
  • Spring loaded Steam safety valves.
  • Light dependent resistor [flame sensor] to shut off the Burner in case of flame failure
  • Auto Oil drain system to prevent oil accumulation.
  • Pressure release Door - To release excess flue gases, in case of excess oil accumulation.
  • Pressure gauges with syphon & cock for Oil, water & steam pressure indication.
  • Audio visual alarm for abnormal operating conditions.

Unitherm's Non IBR Boilers are available in wide range of capacities
from 50 Kgs/hr – up to 1000 Kgs/hr
Operating pressure – maximum operating pressure of 14 Kg/cm2
Unitherm's Non IBR Boilers are available in liquid fuel firing with,

  • Diesel 
  • L.D.O.
  • Furnace Oil 
  • Natural gas 
  • LPG firing
  • Dual fuel firing- oil cum gas fired

The UNI-THERM fully Automatic, Electrode Steam generator is a steam packaged unit, comprising of Steam generator, feed pump and the controls, together with feed-tank, all housed one heavy M.S. platform. The finish is elegant.

The UNI-THERM Electrode Steam generator has a special, easy to install design and can therefore be conveniently accommodated on roof of buildings, in basement, under stairways and in many other places, which would otherwise remain vacant. With this steam generator there is also a great saving in the installation work at site, because all that is required, is the connections to the Electric supply and the drain. Further, there is no smoke, fume or smell. Also because of its absolute cleanliness, the Steam generator can be placed adjacent to the equipment using the steam.

The UNI-THERM Electrode Steam generator has an excellent system of Automatic controls, and is very simple to operate, extremely efficient and economical. It is completely fire proof and is absolutely safe even when it runs without water, as no Electric current can pass in dry conditions.

DESIGN: An Electrode Steam generators differs in principle from any other method of generating hea to produce steam. The heat in this Boiler is generated by the resistance offered by water to the passage of Electricity. Thus, unlike, other equipments, the heat is generated within the water itself and hot transmitted to it from outside source at a higher temperature. The heat generated is exactly equal to Electricity expended, thus there is no loss of energy in the conversion.


  • Does note require Chimney or fuel storage.
  • Noiseless Operations.
  • Fully Automatic.
  • 100 % Safe Operation.
  • High Operating Efficiency.
  • Package unit mounted on common chassis.
  • Occupies very small floor area.
  • Can be installed just next to use point.
  • Insulated Boiler body, no heat losses.
  • Rapid heating full pressure steam in 3 minutes.

Pressure Switch: The differential pressure switch is provided to control the steam generator at desired operating pressure. When the steam generation exceeds the demand, heaters are tripped at the set pressure.

Ampere Controller: This serves a dual function, that of controlling the water level inside the steam generator and of limiting the maximum current being drawn by the unit.

Cyclic Timer: In cases where the cyclic timer is a part of the supply along with the steam generator, the blow down is automatically done at a desired interval of time and for desired duration of seconds.

Safety Valve: A spring loaded, single post safety valve is provided with the steam generator as a mechanical safety, which lifts and releases the excess steam pressure in case the same exceeds the set pressure.